A wedding is a single event that best encompasses all of the emotions we experience.

Everything is there: excitement, nervousness, relief, and elation. As your London wedding photographer, I want to provide you with wonderful memories of this special day through my authentic style wedding photos.

My wedding photography style is candid, artistic, natural, and casual, with a reportage approach that captures the atmosphere of the entire day, from bridal preparations to nighttime celebrations.

The most important thing to me is that I capture the photographs you want to remember the great moments of the day.

Every wedding is a one-of-a-kind occasion, and I honour that by providing contemporary couples with a completely customised service that is suited to their specific needs.

Your wedding images will serve as a reminder of your special day for years to come.

Although some posed shots are required, I usually work with the wedding party to capture the intimate, candid, one-of-a-kind moments that will make your wedding album that much more memorable.

No matter how many weddings I’ve attended before, there are some things unique about each wedding day.

The wedding day goes by so fast and marriage is for a lifetime, so it’s natural as time goes by that you’ll need a reminder every now and then.

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Local London Wedding Photographers

The perspective I adopt when photographing a wedding is that of an observer, documentary style.

I aim to capture special moments, expressions, and real moments as they occur in front of me. Intervening as little as possible in the natural unfolding of the day. My reportage wedding photography can speak for itself. It preserves the genuine emotion memories of your wedding as it really is, documenting both the organised and spontaneous happenings of the special day. Some in the photography community call wedding photojournalism.

That being said, to capture timeless photos, you must give some thought to what you want the beautiful image to say to those that view it.

To summerise my approach to wedding photography, I capture modern photographs of the happy couple with their families, bridal party in a documentary wedding photography style. Modern and candid wedding photography for couples who don’t know how to pose.

Everyone has their ideas about the wedding photographs they wish to have. But no matter what your own specific choices maybe, my aim will always be to provide a true record of your wedding day, creating beautiful images that will remain evocative for years to come. I am to be your perfect wedding photographer.

I have photographed hundreds of weddings, and have experience in civil ceremony photography at 5 star wedding venue in Kensington or a registry office in Islington, an outdoor wedding in Marrakesh, beach weddings in Italy, or micro wedding in Chelsea with just a handful of guests, or a grand occasion at Westminster Abbey. 

Joint Wedding Photographers in London

Recently, I have teamed with highly rated Indian wedding photographer in London. Our joint venture means we can now offer photography for Asian weddings, Indian wedding, Tamil marriages, Muslim nikah ceremony, and Hindu marriage.

For me personally, shooting along a one of the best in the Asian wedding industry I can use my creative skills to photograph stunning images of ethnic weddings.

Creative Wedding Photography in London and Questions

Brides are one again looking to get married abroad and I get asked:

When will I start offering destination wedding photography again?

What Is Your Price as a Wedding Photographer?

I have images from another photographer, can you design a bespoke wedding album?

Yes, if you have high-quality image files with permission to reprint from your photographer. I can design and get your wedding album printed. I recommend a good mix of documentary images, portraits, detail shots and family group shots to make sure the album flows well. For a bespoke design, I’ll even create custom layouts for your photo wedding album.

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