A Guide to Modest Wedding Dresses

Modest wedding dresses


Today we’re up in dis blog mad ting fam!

With the announcement of the nominees for this years mercury prize, today’s essential listening is Kano. Now I’m not sure that there’s ever been a hip hop wedding crossover, but I’m willing to start a new movement, who’s with me?

Moving from shop to shop, got the cash to drop.
On a wedding dress. When will the stress stop?
A dress for the classy lady, so many options driving you crazy?
She needs that dress that will scream and shout,
“I’m the prettiest girl alive, have no doubt!”

My career in ‘wedding grime’ music based upon the hard knock life of south east London has gotten off to a shaky start. With all the artisan bakery’s and specialist wine shops, it’s obvious why a young man would grow up so angry at the world.

“The private school kids can count up to Soixante,
The old lady just bought the last croissant!
Roll up on me and get capped,
Need to match dinner to the Chateauneuf-de-Pape”

Consider this my retirement speech…
I digress, where was I?
Ah yes, the hunt for the sophisticated wedding dress, or you might say, the modest wedding dress. A popular term amongst searchers. Alas, fear not, as I have compiled a list! A list you say, yes, a list. Gowns from the likes of Jenny Packham and Augusta Jones for you UK shoppers. From Boho spirit to classically elegant with some Disney princess in between, these modest wedding gowns have got you covered. Soft chiffon, bohemian flare, structured satin and some that are just a little bit off the cuff. You beautiful people deserve beautiful dresses, and here I think is a list of winners. It’s so important to pick a gown that resonates with you, that allows your personality to shine through. Shop around and don’t be put off by horrible staff (I’ve heard some horror stories) you deserve excellent customer service at all stages of your wedding, so keep on at it until you find the one (in the bridal shop have you ever noticed that all the family seems to cry when the veil goes on? What is it about a veil that set off the emotions?!) Stay true to yourself and stay comfy! You won’t get many opportunities to sit down so make sure everything fits just right and isn’t weighing you down.

A few top tips on choosing a wedding dress

Go shopping early in the day

It’s important to remember that purchasing a wedding dress usually requires human interaction. So until the day comes that a drone will fly to your house, measure you and manufacture your dress on site, you’re probably going to have to talk a real life person. In my experience people are much more energetic and enthusiastic in the morning when you visit their shop. Being the first customer of the day usually ensures outstanding service as everything was probably set out the night before. Everyone is happier and chirpier and when all the dress trying on is done, you’re at the perfect point in the day to discuss your choices over lunch, bosh!

Keep on shopping!

Celebrity wedding stylist Nicole Janowicz in an interview with Glamour magazine said almost any dress can look gorgeous on a hanger (or it can look terrible). So resist snap judgement and keep on looking if you’re not convinced you have found the one. “Once a dress is on a woman’s body, it takes on a different shape and look,” she says. “This means that a bride will try on many dresses, and she should. I had a celebrity bride try on 27 dresses at a fitting in order to find the perfect reception dress. Just as it takes time to find a husband or wife, it takes time to find the perfect gown.” Personally I don’t think it’s cricket to make the comparison of purchasing a wedding dress with finding a husband or wife. For me it trivialises the whole thing, however the point is clear, don’t settle on anything, make sure you’re absolutely sure before committing as you might find it a tough task to return it if you change your mind.

Take a camera

The shop will be beautifully lit, with mirrors that show you angles of yourself you’ve never seen before, essentially the shop is designed to sell, and if you throw in a glass of prosecco at 10am the selling might be even easier. What you really want is your best friend and their camera phone snapping away. If they’re rubbish at taking pictures and you still look awesome then you’ve probably found your dress. Wedding photographers can take anywhere from 2-10 weeks to deliver your photographs, in this time all the images that will have been released into the online world will have been taken on camera phones and ipads. If a friend can take a picture on an iphone and you still look great, then you’re on to a winner.

Avoid the trend

Try not to get caught up in the trend of the moment, but instead focus on your personal style and what flatters you most. Stick to what flatters your silhouette, regardless of what the latest celebrity has been seen wearing. Take friends with you that don’t cry much, or dare I sat it, maybe take a man with you? I say this for the sole purpose of someone playing devils advocate, a man will offer a different opinion on an outfit purely because they think differently about clothing, and lets face it, life in general. Someone offering opinions that aren’t based on an emotive response might be worth considering.

three-quarter-sleeve-modest-wedding-dresssleek-modest-wedding-dressessimple-modest-wedding-dress-1024x1024modest-wedding-dress-with-long-sleevesmodest-wedding-dress-beadedmodest-wedding-dress-bohomodest-wedding-dress-border-sleevesmodest-wedding-dresses-full-skirtmodest-wedding-dress-full-skirtmodern-modest-wedding-dress-three-quarter-sleevesmermaid-modest-wedding-dresslong-sleeve-modest-wedding-dresseslong-sleeve-modest-wedding-dress-blushlong-lace-sleeve-modest-wedding-dresseshigh-neck-modest-wedding-dresshigh-neck-modest-wedding-dress-yolan-crislace-modest-wedding-dress-cap-sleevelace-modest-wedding-dresseslong.sleeve.modest.wedding.dress_full-skirt-modest-wedding-dressesfull-modest-wedding-dressflutter-sleeve-modest-bridal-gownflowy-modest-wedding-dressflow-modest-wedding-dress-utahball-gown-modest-wedding-dressesbeaded-modest-wedding-dressesblush-pink-modest-wedding-dressesboho-modest-wedding-dress (1)boho-modest-wedding-dress

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Now you’ve set your budget for your dress and had a chance to look through some possible styles, why not consider how to properly invest in your wedding photography be heading on over to this blog post

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