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self portrait of photographer liam smith

I am a misfit who loves what I do and I want to share my madness with awesome couples. My two favourite films are Monty Python’s The Holy Grail and Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. I spend an odd amount of time reading articles on space. I enjoy making ‘brinner’ which is a breakfast meal for dinner and I live for portmanteaus. I am a wedding photographer based in south east London. My name? That’s Liam. I’m recently married and continued my love of combining words to make Smith-Bailey. In my spare time I make odd creations out of photographic paper and fully indulge in my past love of darkroom experimentation. Anything and everything experimental I find fascinating and am always exploring new ways of image making. Tintypes, photograms, chemigrams, cyanotypes have all been experimented with in order to make new pieces. I never display them, they just make me happy.


This is a Lumen print:
lumen print

It is made by placing organic objects onto light sensitive paper and leaving it for a period of months in the sunshine. The UV rays from the sun make it change colour, it’s actually black and white paper. Science is fun.

I married my childhood sweetheart in December 2016 and have never been happier. Marriage is a wonderful thing, I thoroughly recommend it. The idea of wedding photography has warped massively in the last ten years. I can show you how good it can be. Not every wedding takes place in a mansion, castle or space ship. But that’s cool, because what makes a wedding is the people. If you’re cool, crazy and like to hip hop, bee bop yo yo make a wicked cup of cocoa, then we should meet.

None of the photographs on my website are staged or from commercial shoots. Everything on the site is real, actually happened, pure wedding day magic. I am not a monster, I like conversation, tea and cigars. Any queries you may have do not hesitate to get in touch.